August 09, 2007

Thursday: Trunk Show and Traffic Tedium

First things first: how cool is this, hmmm??!!?? This morning, on my break at work, I paged thru the Calendar section of the Phoenix newspaper, because Tressa (our Mafia prez) said she sent info to all the local news outlets about our trunk show. And sure enough, right there it was!!! (I could have cropped it closer, but I thought you might want to look at Daniel Craig, too... LOL!) Tressa and Kim (the VP) also passed out hundreds of fliers at First Friday last week (an open-air art walk type thing downtown Phoenix on... when else... the first Friday evening of the month), and everyone has been e-mailing, flyer-ing, and publicizing. We've gotten the word out there, but I have no idea what to expect... do I not have enough things to sell? do I have too much? are they things people would want to buy?? Right now, I have to finish up some last-minute things (of course- you know me, the perennial procrastinator!), and clean off the table (it's in the garage) so I can set everything up for a practice run. "Traffic tedium" comes in because they were late getting the orange cones picked up this afternoon on the highway where they're doing road construction (pretty much every Maricopan drives to and from town on this highway unless we want to go about 30 miles out of our way). Because of this, a drive that usually takes me 45 minutes took an hour and 15 minutes. ICK.

Well, off to the garage to clean the table, the craft room to corral my collage supplies for tomorrow's AU class, the office to print some signs, back to the craft room to work on some last-minute ideas, oh yes, and dinner needs to fit in there somewhere... bye!

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