August 10, 2007

AU Installment Number Two, and plenty of Trunk Show Chaos!!!

If you're in the Phoenix area on Saturday, August 11th, stop by and see us at The Plaid Eatery, 1044 South Terrace Road, in Tempe. Jewelry, clothing, hand-knits, paper arts, candles, and more!!!

So, today's class at Art Unraveled was another fun one... "art journal" collage pages with Kelly Kilmer. Lots of gel medium, acrylic paint, and cutting and pasting plenty of wonderful papers and images from her stash. She literally had an entire garbage bag full of paper (scrapbook paper, pages from old books, calendars, tissue paper- you name it, it was in there!) that she dumped out in the hallway for us to scrounge through. She also brought pretty much all the other supplies we needed- watercolor paper, cool stamps, the paint and gel medium, and plenty of inspiration! This type of artwork is also something that I've never done before, and would have to say, don't exactly feel comfortable with, so it was really good to see it "explained" and find out that it's not as intimidating as it seems!!! Will I actually put together an art journal, though?? Not sure... stay tuned!

In other news, we've gotten LOTS of other press besides the newspaper mention that I posted about, and I'm getting really nervous for tomorrow's show. Tressa, our prez, heard that some of the AU attendees may take a break from their Shopping Extravaganza to stop by, too! I have pretty much everything packed up; I just need to make a sign for my table, and then I'll be free to worry all night about how it will turn out... LOL! Wish me luck; I'll let you know how it goes!

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Felicia said...

Hope your show went well!