May 06, 2007

new photo updates

have been posted on my flickr site... there are pics Tom took today of the house, and some recent pics of Sedona after her 2nd birthday trip to the beauty parlor! Look for them in the "House" and "Pets" folders.

sorry updates have been so haphazard lately- it's amazing how quickly the time seems to fly by!

Tom has been in town the past week or so; he switched his work hours to better cope with the excessive traffic. 8 - 5 hours were murder in terms of the traffic; his new hours are 6 - 3, which helps a LOT. Plus, since my work hours are 6 - 2:30, we have more time to spend together in the evenings. (Now, if he could just get out of the office on time!) He will be heading out for an entire week soon (to the Chicago area, and the Minneapolis suburbs) with Warren, his most recently hired installer.

We had friends over yesterday, so we did a thorough housecleaning (thus, the pics of the house). I even found my desk, and the floor, in my crafting room! Maybe I'll even do some stamping, now! I haven't really been in the mood for it lately, and I think the chaos in there had a lot to do with the lack of creative spark.

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