May 12, 2007

back to crafting!

So, since I cleaned up my craft room (surface clean, really, but it's something, anyway...) I was finally inspired to do some crafting again! The first 2 pics are of an ACEO (for-sale version of an Artist Trading Card, 2.5 x 3.5 inches), and the second 2 are a set of hand-stamped tags. Both are currently for sale in my Etsy shop.
wonderful colors of wool felt, along with some fabric from my stash (thanks, Mom, for sending some of it back to me after I gave it all to you when we moved!), lace trim, and hand-sewing for the details. It took me about three times of starting, ripping it out, and re-sewing to get the pink details on the flower the way I wanted them. It's heck, sometimes, being a (semi) perfectionist! I found these tags in an envelope somewhere, and thought they'd make cute gift tags... the flower is from a new set of stamps I got a while ago from a store that was going out of business; the watering can was from a patio-sale at the same store. In other news, it's HOT! here. Highs have been in the low 100s; last night when we went to bed around 10:30 it was still above 80 F. It's higher than normalfor this time of year, and it still sounds odd to me that our nighttime lows in the summer are the daytime high temps back in Illinois! We're going to an East-valley swap meet tomorrow, to look for house stuff... a southwest design key rack, some bedside lamps that match each other (what a concept!), maybe a basket or some pottery to display in the kitchen.
This evening I am attending the first meeting of the newly-forming Phoenix "Craft Mafia" which might sound dangerous, but it isn't! There are Craft Mafias all over the country- groups of crafters who use their collective power for advertising, learning, etc. The first one was formed in Austin, TX and it took off from there. There should be quite a few Phoenix-area Etsy-sellers there; I'm looking forward to it!

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