February 25, 2007

just something I've learned... too late.

Never play ball with a dog right after she eats her dinner.

Sedona eats really fast, so we've been putting two tennis balls in her food bowl to slow her down somewhat. It kind of works, although we still don't hear much chewing and she eats in about 30 seconds flat. Then, she brings the tennis ball over and wants you to play with her- usually we take it away from her, but tonight, I did. My mistake. I got her going with a good game of catch (she's a wonderful catcher, doing all sorts of twists and leaps into the air to catch the ball), and then, wouldn't you know it, up came most of her dinner.

So, up went the tennis ball onto the counter. Thank goodness for carpet cleaner spray!

Tom left this morning for the east coast, with the new systems installer- just a quick trip to Philadelphia for some training, then drive to New York for a computer upgrade. Hopefully (depending on the weather!) they will be back Tuesday night, just in time for a day trip on Wednesday to California.

So, this afternoon I took a drive to one of my favorite stamping stores, Ink It! in Gilbert, AZ. Alas, but it's closing... the owner is closing to redesign the space into an art gallery that will open this fall. So, right now everything is on sale- 30% this week, 40% next, and 50% the week after. I got a few things (pics later- unfortunately Tom has the camera with him), and may go back in a couple days to check it out again.

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