February 22, 2007

Random pictures

These are a few random pictures from the last few days...
Everything we read about Shelties before we got Sedona said "they like to be with their people" which is true. Sedona really likes to be where we are. Occasionally, she even likes to be ON her people! She laid on top of Tom like a cat would (only much heavier!), for quite a while. When I took the picture, he said "wait, I think I blinked!" but there's really too much hair in the way to tell... LOL!!!

A bookmark I made for a possible custom order. Floral paper with a stamped butterfly on 3D foam tape.

Close-up of the butterfly; after stamping, I added some glittery details to it.

Three tags I made for promo trades. You trade your promotional item (or business cards can be traded, too) with someone else; when I get orders I'll put their promo item in with it; when they get orders, they'll put one of mine in with theirs. (2 x 3.5 in. tags with punched details)

Another bookmark- Easter and pastel plaid this time with three stamped images- flower, bunny, and egg. All three of the stamped images also have glitter details.

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