November 19, 2006

Sunday evening update

Well, the weekend is almost over. Tom is on his way to New York by way of Nashville and Chicago (from Phoenix to Nashville, change planes, from Nashville to Chicago, from Chicago to New York). Doesn't make much sense, but those were only the flights available, I guess. He called from Nashville, and said the airport was crowded. He flies home Wednesday evening (yes, the busiest travel day of the year), and will be in for more of a shock then, I think.

Yesterday was horrible!!! Taking Phoebe to the vet for the last time was the hardest thing that I have ever done, no question about it... even though I know it was the best thing for her, and I didn't want to see her suffer through wasting away, not eating or drinking, and the cancer was terminal, it was still hard to let her go. Tom also had a hard time with it, even though he's only known the cats for as long as he's known me... he couldn't stay in the room, but I had to- I couldn't just leave her with the vet. Enough said- I can't think about it any more right now, or I'll fall apart again. We're having her cremated, will keep her ashes safe, and eventually she and Cleo can be together again (hopefully sometime far in the future!). I think that Sedona is a bit lost, too, actually- she enjoyed playing with Phoebe (in a rather clumsy way, to a cat's way of thinking), and Cleo wants nothing to do with her. We may eventually get a younger cat from a shelter, so Sedona can have a playmate again.

So, I am filling my day with some crafting. I should be working on Christmas cards, but I have re-visited my etsy shop (, re-activated some expired listings, and actually added some new items. Pics and details to follow in another post.

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