October 10, 2006

a couple cards

Since I was home today waiting on the repair-guys, I did a little stamping. (The water softener is fixed, by the way- there was a leak in a fitting that meant the salt water wasn't getting sent through the system, it was just collecting in the tank. My hair will definitely appreciate the soft water, as will the cats- Phoebe won't have to try to drink out of the toilet any more, although that was very comical to watch!)
These cards were made for a color challenge on 2peas... use a certain combo of colors. This combination was red, green, and gold, but you couldn't make Christmas cards! I was inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and made much brighter cards than I usually do. The card above was made using Making Memories foam stamps and acrylic paint. These stamps can also be used with ink, but I like the "rustic" (imperfect) sort of feel the paint gives. The card below is a mini-card, 3 inches square. I bought the stamp ages ago at Michael's (don't know why, this is the first time I've used it- I don't even drink martinis!), and thought it would go perfectly with the patterned paper. I also started working on some ATCs for a swap at the (sort of) local stamp store... they involved ink with a spritz of water, so they are flattening out in Tom's dictionary for a couple days, till I can finish them.

Fall is definitely here- it only got into the mid-80s for a high today; I didn't have to turn on the AC at all! I may buy some flowers for the patio this weekend, finally... and soon, we can think about getting some plants for the backyard, so it won't look so square and empty. I apologize for the lack of bona-fide photos, but the camera battery isn't working correctly, and we need to get it looked at. There will be house photos posted sometime soon, I promise!!!

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