May 01, 2006

house happenings-

Yes, it is actually a house!!! (the start of one, anyway!) Finally- and, we're told that they are still on target for a late-June close, if not sooner.

Our real estate agent got our hopes up the week before last, when she called and said they were framing our house... turns out they were framing the next door neighbor's house, and she wasn't couldn't get close enough to the house to be sure. But, it's finally moving forward!

Last weekend, we picked out our flooring, countertop, and appliances- we decided to do some upgrades on the flooring; we figured that would be a value-added thing to spend money on, especially since neither of us has any experience installing flooring. We upgraded from vinyl to ceramic tile- a sandy-colored faux travertine marble porcelain tile.

We also upgraded the carpet and pad to a Stainmaster carpet and Stainmaster pad, which will extend the warranty to 10-years. The carpeting is also a sandy-tan color, with flecks of burgundy, green, and blue, which will coordinate with the rug and the paintings, and also hide pet hair and other stuff!

The cabinets are standard (upgrading cabinets was ridiculously expensive!!!), and are a medium oak finish... the countertop is laminate, and is a faux granite called "Jamocha" that has flecks of browns, tans, greenish tones, and darks in it. This should tie it all together with the appliances, which will be black. No major upgrades on the appliances, except for a gas range instead of electric. The appliance salesperson may have been disappointed, but neither of us is Emeril, so major upgrades in the appliances aren't really necessary.

So, now we just have to wait to see it till it's all installed- one carpet square, one tile, and a 5 x 7 piece of countertop just isn't enough to really visualize it!

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