April 16, 2006

small progress- house and hound

So, things are progressing... a bit.

House: Yesterday I drove to Maricopa to check out the house, and there are roof trusses at the site!!! (I'm pretty sure they are for our house... there's tons of wood everywhere on our part of the street.) They also delivered the tub surround for the 2nd bath, and the shower stall for the master bath.

I also did a little driving, to find an alternate route into/out of our subdivision... there is only one main road going west from Tortosa to the highway in Maricopa, with one big dip that goes through a wash area. There's a sign: "do not enter when flooded." (Which will probably happen at some point during the summer monsoon season.) So, I headed out to see what's what and to find other ways back and forth. There are a couple other ways back to Maricopa, but right now, they are unpaved... it's so weird to see so much empty space, unpaved roads, and roads that don't really go anywhere, and to think about what it will look like 6 months or a year from now.

Hound: Sedona spent most of the day yesterday at Doggie Day Care. She did much better when we waited in the lobby to drop her off- they were amazingly busy, but she really didn't bark too much, and the barking she did wasn't near as frantic as it was the first time. She sniffed a couple other dogs, and was pretty friendly overall. I stayed to check out the beginning of the morning play period, and felt very guilty; when she was let into the room, she immediately hid underneath a chair, and ran around following the Pet Guardian... it was so hard to leave her after seeing that! (I shouldn't have stayed at all, I know!)

But, when I picked her up, she was so much better! Her report card was good- playful, wrestling, and tag/chase were underlined. She made a friend!! She played all day with an English bulldog named Larry... her report card comments, from Gale, the pet guardian: "Sedona did so great today!! A new guy came in today. He is an English Bulldog by the name of Larry. They wrestled and chased each other around the whole daycare area. It was such a great day for me to see her finally socializing better with the others." LOL! that is so cute! I'm so glad she's socializing better... She was pooped when we got home, too! (she did poop, too, and pee, the minute I let her out of my car- I think she must have held it all day long; not like some of those dogs, who do it right on the floor at the day care... she's got manners, at least sometimes!)

Today, we spent some time at the dog park, then when we got home she got a much-needed bath, to get rid of all the dog smell and slobber from the dog park. Now instead of smelling doggish, she smells like shampoo and conditioner, and is much fluffier. She's also pooped again- we both took a nap this afternoon!

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