January 30, 2006

Monday update

Also known as: New Furniture, A Close Call, and The New Job

New Furniture: We got our new bedroom furniture on Saturday, and now we have the next three years to pay for it! (0% financing, thank goodness!) They were scheduled to arrive between 11 and 2, and of course they didn't get here till after 1 pm- isn't that always how it goes? They were here for well over an hour, putting it all together. It certainly makes the bedroom look smaller, but more finished- it's the first "real" bedroom set that Tom or I have had; it's kind of nice to have a cohesive design in mind for the room. And, it's certainly nice to have more drawer space than we know what to do with! It looks great, although I'm not going to post a picture of it until we get a proper comforter for it- we're still using the queen-size comforter, which just barely fits across the mattress, and it doesn't look the best. There's a big space on the wall above the headboard now, too, which will eventually get filled with a picture, or maybe a Native American wool rug. The bed is pretty tall (it comes up to my hip), so you don't get "up" out of bed, you just get "out" of bed... although it's tall, Sedona can jump on it easily, especially when she's chasing her plush soccer ball- that will certainly come in handy for keeping her in shape as she gets older!

A Close Call: When the furniture delivery guys finally came to the door on Saturday, we were ready for them- Sedona went into her crate in the office, to stay out of the way, we left the front door open so they could start carrying the furniture right into the bedroom, and I sat down at the computer to keep Sedona company. I glanced out the window at our front entry, and thought "boy, that cat by the bushes looks a lot like Phoebe..." then, I realized it was Phoebe! There are a lot of strays around here, so seeing a cat outside our front door isn't all that unusual... at second glance, though, Phoebe does not look like an outdoor cat at all- she's much too well-fed, and obviously clueless to the ways of the world. Needless to say, I dashed right to the door, where Tom was trying to coax her back into the apartment. Thank goodness she didn't try to run away- she kept nosing around, smelling all the new smells, and let me scoop her right up and back into the apartment, where I promptly checked for Cleo, then shut them both in the bathroom for the duration.

The New Job: Today was my first day back to work after the 3 1/2 month hiatus... it was a pretty rude awakening when the alarm went off before it was even light outside! (Although I was already awake- I was pretty nervous...) Traffic was slow this morning, but I got there before 8 am; that was only for today, though- from now on, I will need to be there at 6:30 am, so hopefully I will beat the morning rush. (although it will be very difficult to get up before 5 am, it will be nice to get off work at 3 pm!) My supervisor was only in the office for about 10 minutes after I got there; she was headed to the airport to fly to Illinois for meetings at the corporate headquarters. One of the other QC Technicians showed me around the place and got me started reading procedures. Later, I watched a very boring video about "Environmental Health and Safety" and learned more about specific safety procedures... the same old stuff; every healthcare company has pretty much the same rules, I think. It's a pretty small place, with quite a lot going on- they have a shipping/receiving dock, a small warehouse area, the "shop" area where the IV pumps are repaired (solder, circuit boards and other mysterious stuff), our small QC lab, a few offices, a breakroom, and a conference room. Sedona was okay today in her crate, although that was due in part to the fact that Tom had to come home and pack for a trip, so he let her out before he left for the airport... we'll see how she does tomorrow.

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