January 25, 2006

30 second update

  • Well, today I got a job offer... yay me! I don't think it's my "dream job" or anything (that would be getting paid to read books and make rubberstamped cards- LOL!) but it sounds interesting, and it will help pay the bills. It's a temp-to-hire job with Baxter Healthcare- they have a facility in Phoenix that refurbishes and services all the IV pumps from hospitals west of the Mississippi River. There is a software update that will be happening in the next 6-9 months, so they will be quite busy. My job will be Quality Control, reviewing all the paperwork after the technicians have done the electrical stuff to the IV pumps- lots of paperwork, lots of detail, but I'm used to that. What I'm not used to is getting up early- the hours are from 6:30 am to 3 pm, with the possibility of a couple hours overtime a day, or on Saturday, if it's really busy. They also work on compounders, which are machines the hospital pharmacy uses to mix up the proper dosage drugs- that will be what I learn first, because apparently only one person knows how to do the QC paperwork for those (never a good thing!). I start next Monday, so I'll need to take lots of caffeinated diet soda with me!
  • Tom is still in the Chicago suburbs- he's working in Schaumburg and Palos Park tomorrow, and flying back late tomorrow night. On Sunday , he'll probably head to Pennsylvania where he'll work for about a week; from there he heads to San Francisco. At this rate, he'll have a free plane ticket in no time!
  • I was going to upload a couple pictures here, but Blogger seems to have a hiccup- I shall describe them instead: our Illinois Christmas- Tom with a box of packing "peanuts" (thanks to Mom for those- Sedona likes peanuts!); me trying to wrestle open a box with so much packing tape on it that I'm thinking you must own stock in the company; and Sedona, sort of sulking after getting in trouble for something (I can't remember what, it happens so often!). You'll just have to imagine them till I can get them posted.
  • edit: 5 second weather report: today is the 99th day in the valley without rain... they said on TV That it will be a new record when it hits 101 days.

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