September 30, 2014

pics: random and last weekend

Tom hard at work cleaning the ceiling fan.  Our family room is a volume room (two stories high), so it's not an easy job.

Halloween decor at Buffalo Bill's trading post in Cave Creek, AZ. (these pumpkins wouldn't go bad in 80+ degree heat, that's for sure.)

yard at at Buffalo Bill's: a row of metal bulls at the trading post, waiting for new homes.

The coming storm- we watched it approach over the mountains.   And then drove in it all the way home. 

Snake Dancer Kachina doll- at an estate sale. 
I didn't buy this one, although I kind of wish I had, in addition to the one I did buy. The Hopi snake dancer asks the snake to carry a message for rain to the gods. The feather wand is to calm the snake, and the bag (? I think that's what it is) is to carry the snake.

Mudhead kachina- this kachina is the one I bought... The mudhead is a clown kachina that may drum, dance, or  play games with the audience during the ceremonies. The name mudhead comes from the fact that they have mud applied to their masks. 
(now we just have to find a place to display him that's cat-proof.)

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scrapperjen said...

Great pictures - looks like a really fun place!