May 11, 2014

We have been doing stuff...

...I just haven't been posting about it! But, here's a selection of photos:

In February, I went bird-watching at the Riparian Preserve.
(this is a female mallard, getting a drink)
besides birds, I also spent lots of time trying to get
good pics of the bees collecting pollen.

In March, I attended a 3-Day scrapbooking event in Tucson,
where I scrapped (almost) non-stop
from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon.

I did get some scrapping done, though-- and had a really fun time doing it!

In March, we also attended the Chandler Ostrich Festival...

...we missed the ostrich races, so these two guys were the only ones we saw.

But, we did see A Flock of Seagulls! (which is a band from the 1980s).

back at home, Zola honed her high-wire skills on the clothes drying rack...

We also went hiking at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

We marveled at the spring flowers and the beautiful scenery...
...and were amazed to see an abundance of cardinals!!
(neither of us have seen any of these in AZ since we moved here.)

...we also attended the 10th Anniversary Salsa Festival here in Maricopa.
(there were some good entries, and some baaaad ones.)

 In April, we took the dogs to the new dog park here
in town, which they absolutely loved!

There was a lot of this.
(Prescott, chasing Bisbee, who's chasing the ball)
So, that's the 'Cliff Notes' version of what's been going on in the AZ Desert!! 

There's also been lots of working (I love my new job, and Tom's been really busy at his), some reading, some art journaling, some scrapping, some television (Justified, Sons of Guns, Deadliest Catch), a few movies (watching the DVDs I got at the book sale, lol!), and planning our first two-week vacation, which we'll be taking later on in the summer to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  

...and I'll try to post sooner than 3 months from now!


scrapperjen said...

WOW! You guys have been really busy!
What have you been reading?

crimsoncat05 said...

hi, Jen! I've been reading a few different things, all from the book sale or from Goodwill, lol! I just finished 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan' which is about China in the mid-late 1800s (it was interesting, but not great); now I'm reading a non-fiction book about dogs: how they evolved, how their senses work, etc. It is pretty interesting, since it explains things like why they like smelly shoes, why they pee on a light pole during a walk (lol!), how they're different than wolves, etc.

Judith Ahlstrom said...

thanks for sharing.....give WIsister a call sometime....sounds like you have been doing lots of great things!