January 26, 2014

like water off a duck's back-- a few moments in time

yesterday, Tom and I went out for lunch (a very good Indian restaurant that has a lunch buffet- yum!) and to run a couple errands. Since our errands had us up in the East Valley, part of our schedule included stopping at the Riparian Preserve, so I could show him the place in person. We walked one trail, and were only there for a couple hours (so I only took about 300 photos, lol!), but there's always something to see as long as you're looking for it!

a self-portrait (Tom on the left, and me with the camera)

The pictures were all taken right near the library building. There's a small group of mallards and ring-neck ducks that hang out there waiting for people to throw them snacks from the floating bridge, so they get pretty close. 

fyi, you really should click on the photos to make them larger- the details in the pictures are amazing! 

unfortunately, here is where I lifted my finger off the shutter so I didn't get any pictures of him settling back down onto the water, darn it!! (but I'm sure I'll go back soon, to take some more, lol.) It's interesting to me how quickly this kind of thing happens in real life, and the fact that a camera can capture it in such small increments. It really is almost like 'magic' when I look at the pictures on the computer and see what information the camera got that our eyes can't really process to that extent when we're just watching.

(I'm going to post some super-close ups in another post, too-- maybe water droplets and bird feathers aren't that interesting to everyone, but I was really amazed by the amount of detail the camera captured in some of them.) 

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