April 04, 2013

Thank goodness dogs don't know about the tooth fairy!

Otherwise, we'd be in trouble, lol!! Krista is doing great! The next morning, the nerve block and aftereffects of the anesthesia had all worn off, and she seems mostly back to normal. Here she is, pretty much back to her usual happy self: 

Granted, there are a few empty spots there, so she looks a bit goofy. But she's doing pretty good, even only a day or two after the surgery. I soften up her kibble with water, sort of like Chuck Wagon dog food (remember that stuff? I still remember those commercials!! click here to watch!) so it's pretty mushy, and her appetite is just fine. (as always, lol!)  

Tom pointed out that her snoot looks a bit shorter, which is weird-- till he figured out it's a bit of an optical illusion, because it looks like there's some swelling in her nose and face. I'll be interested to see if her face looks any different after the swelling goes down, because a number of the teeth that were removed were the large molars in the back. (no doggie dentures needed though- the vet said she'll just chew on the other side of her mouth.)

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Alison said...

So glad to see her looking so well!
Alison xx