April 24, 2013

Currently I'm:

  • Watching:
    -Chopped All-Stars: three rounds down so far!
    -Deadliest Catch: the new season just started- yay!
  • Reading: 
    -The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, by Laurie R. King
    Set in the early 20th century, the main character is Mary Russell, a 15-year old girl who meets a retired Sherlock Holmes in the English countryside… and of course there’s a mystery to solve! (I bought a book by this author at the thrift store, and found out the book I bought was #9 in a series—so I had to start at the beginning with this title.)
  • Listening to:
    -Dawson’s Creek (TV show) soundtracks
    -One Tree Hill (TV show) soundtrack
    (over and over... when I get into something, I play it to death, lol! I have to concentrate at my desk at work, and I can’t do it if there’s lots of people talking)
  • Making:  
    -New art journal pages (I'm almost finished with my current journal- will post some pics soon)
    -Lists of things to take with me to a 3-day scrapbooking crop I’m attending this weekend in Tucson
  • Feeling:  
    -Annoyed that 4-day work weeks always seem to be longer and more difficult than a regular 5-day work week is!
    -Impatient to finally receive my Rx refills from the mail-order service (there was a delay in ordering due to a switch in our insurance plan)
    -Impatient for my 4-day work week to be over with!
  • Looking forward to:  
    -Having a great time at the SB crop in Tucson this weekend! (but will miss everyone at home while I’m gone)
    -Spending some quality time learning how to use my new camera.
  • Enjoying:  
    -The wonderful spring weather we’re having right now, before the summer temperatures hit with a vengeance. Currently it's still cool enough at night to open the windows, but has been getting into the 90s for highs temps.

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