January 06, 2013


This amaryllis is just out-of-this world with flowers-- I've never seen one have this many blooms at one time, so I had to take some more photos:

a different vantage point (from a few days ago)
Every night, the flowers go into the pantry for safekeeping from the kitties (I don't trust them with indoor plants!). The amaryllis has to go up onto the top shelf (it's the only shelf tall enough to hold it) , and when I placed it up there I realized it was a really good view of all the blossoms, so I got the camera and snapped a pic.

7 flowers open at once, now... (this was earlier today- Sunday)
I think the first couple are almost done blooming, but the overall bloom time should be at least another week.

same vantage point again, this afternoon (Sunday).
These flowers are beautiful, and have really brightened up our kitchen this winter. I am really glad I picked this plant up (on a whim) when I was at the grocery store. (I just hope it doesn't get so top-heavy it tips over!!)

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Mare said...

That is the most beautiful amaryllis i have ever seen! I didn't try to start one this year because i didn't think it would survive Hannah kitty...