November 02, 2012

more estate sale-ing, and more trends.

So, I said I found more than just those scarves at the estate sale I went to last Saturday- check out more of the pics below!

seed beaded Zuni sunface earrings-
I paid $5 for these (half off marked price of $10).
The price on these beaded earrings when new (tag shown in the picture) was for $29.95, and has the artist's name on (I think it said Delia Chee). I did a little googling to try and find "The Trading Post Collection" but nothing came up. Maybe they came from a tourist place somewhere in AZ or New Mexico?? They're a little 'brighter' than most of the jewelry I own, but I think they were Native American made, and took a lot of work, so I couldn't just leave them there! Plus, I will wear them occasionally (with my hair up so you can see them).

silver dreamcatcher earrings- my price, $7.50 (half of $15)
A bit on the high end of what I really wanted to pay for a
pair of earrings, but I know they also took a lot of work to make.
These earrings were stuffed into a zipper baggie and really tarnished, but I thought they might be silver, and I was right. 
(A small estate sale-ing rant, here: all the jewelry at this sale was in individual plastic bags, all taped up with packing tape, and you couldn't see any of it clearly. This frustrates the heck out of me as an estate sale shopper! I suppose they're trying to reduce shoplifting, but I need to really look at stuff before I commit to buying it! I probably irritated the woman manning the register, but I took the things I was looking at over to the front door where there was actual daylight (I did ask her first). And, gasp- I even took things out of those plastic bags so I could hold them up and look into a mirror to get an idea of how things would look as I was wearing them! That's not unreasonable, I don't think... I know she wouldn't know that I'm a trustworthy person, but I just hate that people assume right off the bat that everyone might be a thief, so they don't give them the benefit of the doubt. rant over.)

Anyway, back to the dreamcatcher earrings: this is another pair I'll need to wear with my hair up to show them off, but I really love the delicate look of the wire web. And, I think this means I am officially a 'collector' of Southwestern jewelry... in addition to these, I have a couple smaller pairs of earrings that were given to me as gifts years ago, I have the pendants and rings I've acquired over the past few months, and I have two bracelets and a necklace that Tom bought me on our first trip to AZ (wow, that was almost 9 years ago, now!)... I'll have to take a photo of all of it together. 

and now, for something a bit different:
Target Shoes #1
You know, how sometimes you can't find anything you like in a store, and then sometimes you find lots of stuff you really like in a store?? That's what happened with me and the Target shoes... I went there on my lunch hour to look for casual shoes that could be worn with shorts, because the only pair of casual shoes I had was my old pair of running shoes. So, I found the tan moccasins. Then, I went back again because I kind of liked the white sneakers, and while I was at it, decided to get the plaid ones, too... I've always loved plaid, and these remind me of the classic 'preppy, camp' sort of look. (they also have red navy, and gray ones, too, but I decided I'd better stop.) 
Target Shoes #2

Then, I saw the brown high-heels: very cool and retro / vintage looking! So, I bought those, too... (while my workplace is extremely casual- think tee-shirt, shorts, and sneakers- that doesn't mean I couldn't dress up if I wanted to. Plus, we do go out occasionally.) These shoes have enough character to be retro/vintage, but since they're new shoes, they're comfortable. After getting them home, I decided it was only practical to go back and get the gray & black pair, too... brown&tan, and gray&black shoes; they can be worn with pretty much anything, right?? :D haha!! So, I think I'm over my shoe-buying kick, for now, anyway. (and I already knew I had a shoe collection- it's always nice to add to it, though!)

throw pillows ($2 each)
Back to estate sale-ing, now: I got this collection of throw pillows from the house in Sun City. They had at least 20-25 pillows all piled in a corner of the living room- who has that many throw pillows in their entire house?? Anyway, I weeded through all of them and picked out these four that I thought matched the colors in our living room rug. The two on the right are even filled with down/feathers! (They just need to go into the dryer with some Bounce to get rid of the 'old-lady-perfume' smell... at least Prescott likes the smell, though; he keeps rubbing up against them. lol!)

I did buy just a couple more items, but those photos turned out horrible, so I need to retake them... one more post to go!

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