August 11, 2012

it wasn't exactly on time...

...the night blooming cereus, that is. It looks like this bloom opened very late at night / very early in the morning, so it was still fully open when I took the dogs outside on Thursday at 5 am. 

while I'm glad I got a chance to see the flower in its 'full glory' due to its late-night bloom, I think this means it opened too late to be pollinated (since these flowers are usually pollinated by moths). I really need to get a yardstick or measuring tape out here, to see how much this cactus has grown- it has to be at least a foot since last winter! (apparently cacti like hot, dry weather! and perhaps, the overspray from the sprinkler doesn't hurt it either- haha!)


Alison said...

I'm so glad yo managed to get a photo of it..beautiful. Have had a quick catch up with your last few DO have a lot of art journals..I love what you do with them,but just can't get into it myself!
Alison xx

Mare said...

Oh that is so Beautiful! I wish we could grow cactus outside here. I do have one Winter hardy cactus out in the front garden but something is eating away at it...probably those pesky squirrels!