July 07, 2012

storm clouds journal page:

the unfinished page:
just some random washes of color, along with some scratched-in texture using  some sort of an implement (a plastic fork or knife, maybe?? I don't remember, exactly).

the finished page: 
I don't often start out with an idea for my pages, but for this one, I got an idea where I wanted to take it, since it looked a bit like a rainstorm to me. I added more washes of color along with more texture to make it look even more like a storm. Once that dried, I added a couple layers of paper on the bottom along with the small figure walking 'out of' the storm. (I made this page quite soon after my second surgery- I think soon after I heard the news that I wouldn't need chemotherapy).  ...I don't remember exactly when I made it, unfortunately... Public Service Announcement: add the date to your pages when you make them! 
(edited to add: I have since 'messed up' this page by adding to it-- see that paint blob up towards the top that looks kind of like a heart- well, if you squint it does... ? Anyway, I thought I'd do something to enhance that, and I really hate how it turned out-- so, I'll be back later with another 'finished' picture of this page. I really need to learn to leave well enough alone! On the flip side, since I'm not 'finished' with it anymore, hopefully I can remember to add the date to it when I AM finished; LOL!)

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Mare said...

I really like it! And i know exactly what you mean about leaving well enough alone. I learn the hard way too...