June 05, 2012

my to-do list

  1. Buy a case of large glue sticks. (I used up my last one yesterday- eek!!)
    If not an entire case, then at least three or four, so I always have a spare- LOL!!
    edited to add: done! (went to M's at lunch, and picked up a few. Also something else- with a 50% off coupon- that I'm excited to play with!)
  2. Sort through my 'art journaling' paper boxes- done!
    (I have a couple boxes of assorted paper I keep specifically for journaling- scraps of scrapbooking paper, vintage book pages, magazine pages, images, words, letters, etc. I recently went through them and got rid of a lot of pieces I decided I wouldn't ever use... odd-colored paper, tiny scraps an inch square, magazine pages and images I tore out at one time thinking I might use them,  but now, a couple years later- nope. So, out they all went, to the recycle bin. They were taking up valuable space!)
  3. Go through my most recent 'scrapbooking' paper scraps and add some of them to my journaling paper boxes to freshen up my art journaling supplies. (Since I made room for them- LOL!!)
  4. Go through some of my assorted random magazines and pull out images, text, and pages I might use for journaling; add to journaling boxes. (Again, since I made room for them!) Recycle remainder of magazines.
  5. Make new art journal page(s): dig through my 'art journaling' paper boxes and pull out all papers and images in the same color range and cut,  tear, and glue with abandon!
(somehow I think I'll probably tackle this list out of order: #1, then #5... lol!)

Of course, I also have 'regular' things that could go on this to-do list as well, like laundry and grocery shopping, but where's the fun in that?? Those things will get done eventually, but I don't like to be reminded of them... and I really don't want to forget to do the fun things! 

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