April 09, 2012

AZ spring flowers- a couple snapshots

not the best photos, but wanted to get a couple snapshot of spring blooms in our backyard flowers to show my Mom-- here you go!

one of our aloe plants- it's very reminiscent of how hostas bloom, to me. 
(notice the group of pups around the main plant? yeah, I think we'll have to keep an eye on this one, for sure!)

 a close-up of the flowers- it looks like only a few of them are actually blooming at any one time, and they bloom from the bottom (again, very reminiscent of a hosta) We have seen the hummingbirds at them, although I think I'd have to sit for hours to actually get a photo of it.

 a poor photo of our backyard ocotillo- the gray canes against a brown wall doesn't photograph too well! (fyi, I did some funky editing with the photo, too...) if you look up at the top near the top text, the small orange dots are actually the flower clusters, at the top of the canes. 

here, I was trying to get a close-up of the flower clusters- kind of hard to do, considering they're 7 or 8 feet up!! Like the aloe, these are also small, tubular flowers that the hummers drink from. (I can't imagine they get too much from any one flower, though!)
this photo I found on the internet is a bit lot better: web photo of ocotillo with bee

so yes, there are flowers in the desert-- you just have to look a bit harder for them!

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