February 03, 2012

project life- the first 2 weeks of January

okay, so I'm getting a bit behind in putting together my Project Life pages, already. But, I need to keep it do-able for me, so if working on them a couple weeks at a time is what it takes to keep up, then that's okay with me. I can't stress about "every Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, I need to do my PL pages" or anything like that, because that is precisely the sort of thing that would make me quit this project. Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest! That said, here's another two Project Life spreads; not the best photos, but it took me at least 3 times to get decent photos of them, so I finally quit trying. 

This is the entire 2-page spread for Jan 2-8.  The week included a trip to the movies, a trip to an estate sale (where I found a vintage electric typewriter!! score!!), and photos from a lunch-break trip to the library (along with a photo of my lunch, LOL!), and a photo of one of our favorite dinners, Mexican Spaghetti (yum!). 

a close-up of the right-hand page. The upper left photo is two 3x4 photos collaged together and printed as one 4x6 photo; I added the piece of velvet ribbon (attached with my Tiny Attacher- love that thing!) to separate the photos a bit. I used a few random pieces of scrapbook paper, a manila shipping tag, etc. in addition to pre-printed pieces from the Project Life kit.

This is a closeup of the journaling space above the typewriter photo- it's nothing fancy; I just wanted to save the piece of paper that was the first thing I typed with the typewriter. I stapled the scrap of paper to a tan piece of cardstock. (and what I typed on that piece of paper is true; it IS difficult to type without a delete key- lol!!)

I didn't have 'stuff' to fill up all the spaces, so I added in a quote, stamped on cardstock, with a couple pieces of scrapbook paper decorating the edges. It reads "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss something."  Fitting, I thought- plus, it's from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which is one of my favorite 1980s movies.

This is Jan 9 - Jan 15th... random photos, including a few I posted here already (my haircut, the sad-looking flattened angel food cake, and the 10 lb box of oatmeal). The week also included a trip to Walmart (thankfully, a big grocery trip like that is only necessary once every few weeks), a Dr's appointment for me (I attached the business card to the outside of the page protector), and an estate sale on the weekend (photos posted here previously).

This is a closer look at the left-hand page for that week; I finally started using some of the label stickers included with the Project Life kit (the arrow above, and a clear day-of-the-week sticker on the laundry photo), and I really like the way they look. The bottom left photo is a picture I snapped of a gorgeous sunrise I saw on my way to work; the bottom right side is a story Tom told me about something that happened one afternoon before I got home... Tom was flying his model helicopter in our back yard, got it up too high to control, the wind caught it, and it drifted over the wall and through the neighbors' yard onto the next block!! He found it, thank goodness (lodged up in a tree one street over), but the story was so funny I didn't want to forget it. A design mention: I didn't like the decoration on the journaling card I typed that story on, so I cut up another decorated card (the green and gold design) and used it as a border. I added an extra detail with mini rick-rack (stapled on with the tiny attacher).

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