January 15, 2012

estate sale scores! (and some random pics)

Last time I was at Costco, I picked up some oatmeal-- 10 lbs!! I won't run out anytime soon, that's for sure!!  (Plus, I could use it to life weights- lol!)
I subscribe to a service that sends weekly e-mails with details about upcoming estate sales in the area. Every once in a while, I see a listing that sounds interesting: last Saturday, I got up early and hit up one particular sale  right at 8 am (when they opened), and came home with this:
Score!! a Smith Corona Electra 120 typewriter, with the case and instruction manual. It still has its ribbon, and once we messed around with it a bit, it still types! I've wanted a typewriter for a while, now-- sometimes I would rather have typed journaling for my scrapbook pages, but I don't want to mess around with the computer printer- soooo, typewriter to the rescue! Yay!! Yesterday, I drove up to Scottsdale and went to three separate estate sales. Two of them were a bust (nothing I wanted to get), but the third was pretty nice- I actually went back to it to get something I left behind the first time (thankfully it was still there!)
 There was regular household stuff, dishes, vintage clothing and shoes (unfortunately, the shoe size was way too big for me- 10 1/2) , but I spent most of my time looking at the jewelry. None of it was very expensive, but I really like all the pieces I bought.  The top left pic is a pin from the 1950s, and has a mustard seed in- it was good luck, apparently? The top right pic is two silver bracelets- one sterling silver, and one Mexican silver. The bottom left ring is also sterling silver, with a sapphire (? no idea), but what I really like is the setting. The next ring is why I went back; I just couldn't forget about this little Zuni roadrunner ring- isn't he cute?? The pendant is turquoise, I think, and about 1-1 1/2 inches across. I doubt I hit the jackpot with any of it, but I think I did pretty good! 
I also picked up a few pieces of paper ephemera, including these playing cards. I have a small collection of individual playing cards (dog and cat designs!), but I haven't bought any for quite a while-- it's really unusual for me to see individual designs like this, and I don't want to break up a deck just for one of the cards. More unusual, these cards were the only designs I saw!
here's a couple more pieces of paper ephemera I couldn't pass up- the Knoll Creek Dairy piece is a needle case (see below), and I love the little cow!! I especially like the old-fashioned telephone number. I don't know what the piece on the right is supposed to be, but I love the watercolor flowers.
below are a couple random pictures from the last week: 
I got my hair cut and colored last week... my stylist styles it straight sometimes, which I like, but I don't have a flatiron yet, so I had Tom capture it for posterity (along with the naturally-curly look, just to be fair).
and this sad sight was supposed to be an angel food cake... I had it upside-down to cool, and it fell out of the pan, so it got smashed!! thankfully, it still tastes okay. but darn, it looked great when I took it out of the oven!! oh well...

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Brenda said...

I'm stopping in from twopeas (onmyway- aka brenda. Just had to say hi to another Arizonan and admire your dogs. Btw, I'm from Prescott ;)