August 15, 2011

random photo of cuteness

we have the best petsitters!! there was a "welcome home, we missed you" card (from the pets) waiting for us when we got home from vacation a couple weeks ago. This was the picture on the front of the card: Kimberly took this photo months ago, while she was doing mid-day visits for Prescott right after we got him... this picture is such a cute one, I asked her for a copy of it so I can frame it. Seriously, though, Home is Where the Hound Is is the best petsitting service around. After Sedona passed away last year while we were on vacation, we were very leery of taking the dogs anywhere to be boarded, and weren't sure what we were going to do. Thankfully, one of the services Kimberly offers is an overnight stay option, so someone was at our house for 12 hours a day, sleeping over at night. The cats got attention every day, the dogs didn't have to go anywhere unfamiliar, be stressed out, or be exposed to any other (possible) dog germs or diseases in a kennel. They even got more attention than when we're home, because they got a mid-day visit, too! She also give multiple pet discounts on their services, which is good: we're planning on getting Krista this weekend, hopefully... :D

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