May 15, 2011

random weekend pics

busy as a...
(well, I haven't been, really-- the bees have been very busy in the prickly pear, though.)
Ariel, sunbathing ... I'm sure Butters was curled up somewhere napping, too, but I don't know where.
Prescott: what did I do? (I'm not sure, but probably something!!) Bisbee, relaxing on the tile till dinnertime.
these last two pics are of a card I made for a co-worker whose last day at work was Friday. It was sad to see her go, but we'll keep in touch.
closeup of the butterfly punches-- this card was very simply made with two different Martha Stewart punches: one makes the bigger butterfly, and the other makes the medium and the small ones.
(I love butterflies-- can you tell??)
I hope everyone had a good weekend, whether you spent it sunbathing, working, or relaxing!

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