October 30, 2010


today, we drove up to Glendale, AZ to visit Roseglen Shelties... I've been waiting (somewhat) patiently for the phone call from Helene. The puppies were seven weeks old a few days ago, so this weekend was the time!! Here he is-- isn't he cute?? (and the puppy, too-- haha!!) Helene said he's got quite a personality, and that he was one of the first puppies to start developing a personality. But, he's running a bit too close to the top of the size range for his age, so she's concerned he'll grow too large to show. (top size range for show is 16 inches tall.) So, Helene's loss is our gain. He was definitely not tentative at all; he came to us pretty easily (after getting used to seeing "strangers" in his territory, that is), he played with us, and he explored around the room with no hesitation at all.
The puppy had never been around any of the adult dogs besides his mother, so this was his first exposure to an older dog. The older dog is Kokopelli, who is actually his grandfather, and Bisbee's brother. (it still amazes me that a 3 year old dog can be a grandfather, which makes Bisbee this puppy's great aunt... lol!!) Helene brought Koko inside so we could meet him. The puppy was looking for milk, which of course he wasn't going to find, but then he got interested in trying to pull Koko's tail, which bodes well for how he and Bisbee might interact.
Kokopelli is a gorgeous dog, very similar in temperament and looks to Bisbee, although he's not quite so delicate in the legs and nose as Bisbee is (since he's a male). He was extremely friendly, coming up to meet us, and happy to play! He was equally as happy to just crash with Helene on the couch, which is also quite similar to Bisbee.
Here's a shot of Helene and the puppy... she does such a great job with all of her dogs, both in breeding and handling. The puppies get plenty of attention from her and her husband, which is great, and Bisbee is a very mellow, laid-back dog overall, which is also good, since Shelties can be a bit over-anxious sometimes.
here's another puppy shot-- isn't he just the cutest?? He'll be coming home next week... by then, we hope to have a name finalized for him!


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what a little sweetie!

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Oh My Goodness he is so cute! Congratulations!

crimsoncat05 said...

thanks, guys!! there will always be a hole where Sedona's presence should be, but a one-Sheltie household just doesn't feel right.