August 30, 2010

the weekend in pictures (well, Saturday afternoon, anyway)

Saturday started out as a lazy morning, which was nice-- then, we headed to Roseglen Shelties to meet Cherry Bomb, the expectant mama. Her puppies are due next week, which you couldn't prove by me-- she doesn't even look pregnant! (maybe it's all that hair?!?)

She is a sweetie, too-- this is her, with Helene. She is so tiny and dainty- looking next to Bisbee, and Bisbee is only an inch and a half taller than her; it's amazing how much difference a little height makes for a small dog. Bisbee always looked small next to Sedona, so it's interesting to see her as the big dog!

Bisbee did want to play, but Cherry didn't really know whether she wanted to or not. We didn't have a chance to meet Kachina (Bisbee's sister), unfortunately, but in talking to Helene about Bisbee, we discovered that they do share some similarities of personality, which was really interesting to find out, considering they haven't been together since they were just a few months old! On the way home, we saw a rainbow over the mountains... for a few minutes, there was a second one, but I couldn't get a good shot of it on camera.
Bisbee didn't exactly like the car ride there and back-- she looked pretty green around the gills most of the way (it was about an hour each way), so she napped most of the evening after we got home.

I know I didn't get good shots of the clouds, but I did try... that split second when the light shines out from behind, as they move out of the way is gorgeous, but the camera just couldn't get it... these clouds were huge, and later that night they turned into a pretty impressive monsoon storm.

Now, we just have to wait for good puppy news from Helene, and cross our fingers that there's a puppy out there for us! (This link is to a photo of the sire-- he's gorgeous, isn't he?? I can't wait to see what the puppies look like!)


Jackie said...

If it were me, I'd have taken that rainbow as BIG-time symbolism of the beauty after this storm of your lives. To me that rainbow is:
1) the acknowledgment that Sedona has crossed the "rainbow bridge."
2) A visible sign of Sedona's assistance, encouragement and enthusiasm of a new puppy joining your family.
3) Hope....well, no need to define the "hope" aspect of this, but also the support that is available for clearing up the loose ends that are still dangling around the circumstances of her passing.

crimsoncat05 said...

awww, now you're making me all choked up, Jackie! None of that even dawned on me while it was going on.. thank you so much for posting this!

love, Jenn

Mel said...

What a neat post, Jennifer! I'm so excited for you! And I got a little choked up too when I read Jackie's post about the "rainbow bridge". :/ P.S. I can see both rainbows in that one photo! :D