August 10, 2010

a tribute (LOTS of pictures)

to the best dog ever.
Sedona the Sheltie
April 24, 2005 - August 9, 2010
...we thought we had so much more time with you...
Christmas portrait 2009

doggy kisses!!

her first day home

sleepy puppy belly she was always ready for a game!
she still had the sleepy puppy belly, even all Agrown up!
at the dog park, with Tom.
having a great time!!
she loved playing with Bisbee!! rest in peace.


Mel said...

Oh no, Jennifer. My heart is so sad for you. It looks like she was a very happy girl.

What a wonderful tribute you've put together! I'm so very sorry for your loss.


Krista said...

Dear Jennifer, I am so sorry for your loss.Such a beautiful dog, and so lucky to have you.

I lost my dog of 9 years last November and still miss her like crazy everyday.
Sending much love your way.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Jennifer, my heart breaks while I read this!! 5 years is still just a pup! And what a beauty! I feel your pain, having lived it several times before with my own dogs. Lots of love to you!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ah, I'm sad for you. She looked like a beautiful dog, this a great tribute.

Jackie K. said...

How terribly sad to have such a short life. I'm sorry.

sharon said...

oh, jennifer! such terrible news! and on the heels of losing your cat! lovely tribute to a sweet family member. my heart breaks for you both! sending love and fairy dust to your house.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sending much, much love. I'm so sorry for such a big heartbreak. She was a beautiful dog who was so well loved...

Cyber Hippie Gypsies said...

my eyes are watering just reading your post.

So sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it can be.

Thanks for sharing!

Heather Binnie said...

I'm so sorry! :( We had to put our Border Collie down back in November. She was only 6. It was the hardest thing I've ever done.