August 25, 2010

more paper and glue!

paper and glue is so much fun... the things you can do with it are just endless! (if somewhat messy, however...) Another thrift-store rescue plate, this time a really cute one with a scalloped edge. The rose was cut from a vintage gardening book I found in the "For Sale" section at the library, and the red polka dots are hole punches that were each placed one at a time (very fiddly, but I like the look). The background was going to be pink, but the rose just didn't stand out enough against that, so I went for contrasting with yellow tissue paper, instead-- very bright, and not my usual style, but I like it. Now,what else can I cover with paper?? (the cats would love to help, but that might be a bit too messy... lol!)

1 comment:

brooke said...

Lovely idea .. I never would have thought that would be so darn cute.