August 27, 2010


Bisbee needed a bath pretty bad, and she doesn't let us brush out the tangles, so she went to the Puppy Love Pet Salon this week for a bath and trim... Melissa at the salon says Bisbee sits in her lap while the dryer is going, 'cause she's scared of it; Bisbee is such a sweetie!! I took the bow out pretty quickly after I got her home, but I did have to take a few pictures of it first-- Bisbee is a girly-looking little dog, and the bow sort of "fits" with her personality, and actually looked kinda cute!!
We're headed to the breeder's this weekend, which is another reason we got her all prettied up. We're going to take her with us, so Helene can see how she grew up, and I wanted her to look nice! They have a litter on the way (the puppies are expected next month), and we want to meet the expectant mama to see what she's like. It's still hard to think about Sedona being gone, but Bisbee needs canine companionship, so hopefully later this fall (cross your fingers for us!) we'll be bringing home another Sheltie.

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