July 14, 2010

a quote:

from the Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl blog, which I am slowly working my way thru (that is totally un-grammatical, but you get the idea):

"You have but one body, people, so you gotta treat it well. It's the vehicle that carries round your brain, the brain that carries round those bad, bad thoughts about yourself. Train your brain to think nice, nice thoughts about yourself. You have to learn to love your vehicle. Food is just the fuel to keep it going, it's not an evil demon that you need to struggle with. And don't worry about other vehicles with better looking paint-jobs or smoother bodies. Love your vehicle as it is RIGHT NOW, spare tyres and all. Next thing you know your vehicle's looking good, and you feel fantastic. You are cruising down the highway of life, and you are by-passing all the McDonalds drive-thrus."

...so, if you think about it like that, I've been giving my vehicle the low-octane, cut-rate watered-down fuel that you just know is bad for your engine (i.e., frozen pizzas, sugary things, chips, fries, too much salt, etc).

if I care enough to regularly maintain my car's engine, why don't I do it for the vehicle that carries around my brain? I like my brain, and I want it to be comfortable and last for well over 100,000 miles! (or a lotta years, as the case may be.) Plus, I already had a brain scare when I had my stroke, which I conveniently forget about most of the time.

(although I don't want to over-think this vehicle analogy too much, because if you ever saw the inside of my actual car, you might think a homeless person lives in it. Then again, maybe that is something to think about, after all...)

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