June 10, 2010

like graphic design?? mid-century illustration??

...then you need to check out the grainedit.com blog and and flickr page. Be sure to read the story about the mid-century advertising posters that were just discovered in the London Underground!!

in kitty news, Tom decided when he got home from work that Ariel sounded so miserable, he ended up taking her to the vet yesterday afternoon instead of waiting till Friday (he's such a softie!! )-- so now, she gets to take lysine "goop" to boost her immune system, will get antibiotic cream in her eyes (once I fill the prescription), and it was suggested that running the vaporizer would help her congestion. It did seem to help (we shut her in the bathroom last night with it running), but Tom said that when he let her out this morning there was so much moisture in the air , he couldn't see!! (we'll probably turn it down just a bit tonight.)

the vet said she is a bit skinny for her age, but hopefully with lots of love, attention, and plenty of food, we'll take care of that, too!!

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