June 09, 2010

I would love to go...

here and spend the day exploring through the dusty stacks and piles of books, and relax in an over-stuffed armchair with a couple cats sitting in my lap. (wanna come with??)

our new kitten is doing pretty good-- she doesn't flinch at all any more when the dogs snurfle her. (like she smells any different than the last time they smelled her, three minutes before-- I don't get that at all, but I guess it's a dog thing?!?)

Butters still doesn't like her (no surprise there) but she will come pretty close before finally hissing and spitting. Butters has also asserted her dominance by eating from her food (which she definitely doesn't need) and using her litterbox, but the kitten doesn't really care; she's too busy checking everything out and being cute.

her cold isn't getting any better: she is still sneezing quite often and has greenish-yellow goop in her eyes, so she will be going to the vet on Friday for a check-up.

we decided to keep her name, but change it slightly (it was too difficult to think of a different "super-clever-but-still a-bit-cute" name, and the one she had was pretty good, just a bit too pretentious), so now she is Ariel instead of Arielle.

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Earlene said...

Loved all The Kitties on the Old Seat.

So Cute