May 18, 2010

random ART (mostly) photo catchup (edited to add a couple details)

more pics, this time of some of my latest art projects: the fruits of my first foray into encaustics, which is painting with colored/melted wax. I got to try it at AZ Art Supply in Phoenix, as part of the May ATC exchange event. I've seen some gorgeous pieces using this medium, and of course, what I came up with looks nothing like anything recognizable! It was difficult to control the melted wax on the iron, and I ended up overmixing some of the colors, so ended up with "mud." After that, I decided to go for an abstract look! Not sure what I'll do with these, but it was fun to try out. (I think I'll stick with paper, paint and glue for the time being.)
Not an art project, but I had to get a pic of Pandora in here... it's hard to see in this pic,but she is a bit lumpy, with water under her shoulder after getting an injection of fluids at the vet's office. She's been losing weight (a LOT of weight) for a few weeks now (she's down to 6 3/4 lb currently), and is now being treated for a kidney infection with a 6-week course of antibiotics and fluids, which will hopefully help her stay hydrated, flush some of the toxins out of her system, and tackle the infection. This afternoon, the techs at the vet's office showed us how to administer the sub-cutaneous fluids so we can do it ourselves at home. (wish us luck, because we might need it, knowing her calico anti-social personality!)
I've been making pendants to sell at our 3-Day for the Cure fundraising event in June. I have wanted to make these for a while, but didn't really have any reason before, and decided this was the perfect time! The larger ones are collaged paper on dominoes (dominos?? this is one of those words I can never spell-- neither looks right, and I don't feel like looking it up), and the smaller ones are scrabble tiles. Top, L-R: a stamped and colored image right on the domino, hand-marbled paper (made using shaving cream, if you can believe that!), and a collaged napkin. Bottom, L-R: collaged paper with rhinestones, 3 scrabble tiles with scrapbooking paper, and a gorgeous patterned Japanese paper. I bought individual scrabble tiles at Frenzy Stamper, but I am scouting out a Scrabble game from the local Goodwill to make more...
This is an 8x10 canvas experiment... Edited to add: this experiment was inspired by some of the techniques in the book Mixed Emulsions, by Angela Cartwright. I painted the background last month at our Mixed Media group meeting, but couldn't decide exactly what to do with it. I just started experimenting with digital images (and I would love to try Photoshop) but this one was done using Picasa, which is a free photo-editing software. It's a double exposure using two photos: the first is lawn chairs in front of my sister's little pink house, and the second is a texture photo of cracked cement (borrowed from this Flickr user- I believe I used this texture), overlaid on top and printed as one photo. I added some original "poetry" text, and lots of layered paint. I think it still needs something more in the upper right corner, though... I'm not sure what yet, but it'll come to me. Oh, and I've also been doing some more sewing using my sewing machine... I really think I must have Crafter's ADHD!!


Earlene said...

So Sorry to hear about Pandora's Health problems.

I know about Calicos. I have Miss Cali who is 5 years old.

Also another Kitty Lil Oreo Black with white. 2 1/2 years old.

I do hope Pandora gets her health back in order very soon.

Jackie said...

I love the collage you're doing with my lawn chairs! I agree with you that it needs something in the upper right-hand corner. Do you have a small "fire fly" rubber stamp? A few random "flying" fireflies (or dragonfiles--or some other summery bug), maybe in a gold color, would look good.

sorry to hear that Pandora is sick. I hope the infection clears up.

sharon said...

sad news about pandora. hope the injections don't give you too much grief, and go a long way toward resolving her health problem. tough times for your little buddy...

lovely work! all of it! you have such talent.

i waved at a robin for you today.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Beautiful colors and patterns! I think you can take that as a success!

Poor Pandora! I hope she recovers fully and quickly! Some day you and I will have to talk about calicos. I had the most feral calico on earth...or should I say, she had me! They are glorious CRAZY cats! Mine still haunts an old computer....I deleted all pics from every area of the hard drive--it was wiped, but a ghosting of a pic of her comes back each time that computer is booted up, then it disappears...TRUTH!

Mel said...

LOVE that "Mixed Emulsions" collage you're doing, Jennifer! SO cool! :D And best of luck with Pandora.

Krista said...

Your "experiment" came out great as are your pendents.Wonderful colors.

Sorry to hear about your kitty.
I hope the injections do the trick for her..