April 23, 2010

felt finger puppets

my sewing machine got sidetracked for a couple days, while I pulled out the box of felt... I have wanted to make felt finger puppets for quite a while, now (don't ask why; there isn't any reason other than they're darn stinkin' cute!) I have a stack of other patterns drawn, too- I just have to buy some additional colors of felt. The bottom left one is supposed to be a brown cow, in case you can't tell-- tell me the truth, if you don't think so-- I'm still not sure about the face, myself. but the chicken and sunflower worked great, I think! The pile of patterns I have so far include a rocket, a robot and a (cute) alien monster; a frog, a butterfly, and a ladybug; a pig, a rabbit, a kitty, a bat, a jack-o-lantern.; a Gambol's quail, a saguaro cactus... so what do I do, since that adds up to more than ten fingers??
('ll be sure to show you more cuteness when I get them completed!)

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Mare said...

Oh they are adorable!