January 24, 2010

rain aftermath

(fyi, you can click on any of the pics to make them bigger) So, it does rain sometimes in Arizona. This past week, it rained a LOT! We probably had between two and three inches of rain, if not more, along with some pretty high winds and even a tornado warning (very unusual for this part of the country). The entire yard was a soggy mess, and the dogs refused to walk out in it unless they absolutely had to go. (which was annoying, but at the same time, I didn't really blame them!) When Tom drove home from work on Friday, he had an unexpected detour, because of this: this road is the circle drive that goes through our entire subdivision... the Santa Cruz wash goes thru the middle of town, and right through our neighborhood on its way out to the desert. It rarely has any water in, but with this much rain, I guess it was inevitable. These pics are from Friday afternoon, when it was rushing pretty fast-- we stopped to look at it again this morning on our way back from breakfast, and it's still over the road, but not rushing quite as fast.
this is just a closer photo, to show how fast the water was actually moving across the road-- it may not be very deep (hard to say- it might have been near a foot), but this is why Arizona has the "stupid motorist" law... you're not supposed to drive in flooded areas-- if you think you can, and disregard a sign warning you not to, then if you get stuck, you also get stuck with the bill when the emergency vehicles fish you out!
the view north, looking out into the desert... I was pretty sick and tired of the gray dreary weather and rain, till Tom reminded me that with all this rain, spring in the desert should be beautiful!! ...something to look forward to!

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