May 21, 2009

spring in the desert

spring has been busting out all over in the AZ desert... for the first time, some of our cactus have actually flowered! It seems like a long wait, but really, they've only been planted for a few years. This odd-looking specimen is a spruce cone cactus (aka turd cactus- that's what we call it, anyway, since that's sorta what the pieces look like). It surprised us with some beautiful white flowers!
a close-up of the flower... these flowers are just gorgeous, although they don't last- each flower is only open for a few hours, then disappears.
One of the prickly pear flowers; these were even harder to catch while they were open, since they only seemed to open in the mid-afternoon, and were already closing by the time I got home from work.
The lantana are definitely "busting out all over" next to the driveway... I've already pruned them once, and will soon have to again!

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Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I love desert blooms! When ever we go visits my sister in laws we try tp walk out to the desert area and look at the different plants.

People always assume there aren't pretty plants in the Desert but they are so wrong!