November 27, 2008

what next??

art continues, on and off... I paint lots of backgrounds, and they wait until I'm inspired to finish them. I'm okay with that; some of them get finished, and some may not ever be "finished" but the painting and background collage is theraputic in and of itself, even without the "journaling" on the page. I have done a few more introspective layouts lately, though; below is one of them. The layout started with layered acrylics and drybrushed gesso. I added glitter glue to the edges, along with some black Staz-On stamping. (don't expect stamping over glitter glue to work very well, because I found out, it doesn't!) The theme of this layout was "The Meaning of Artist" to explore what I think about the word "artist," because I'm uncomfortable calling myself an artist... It was done as homework for something I've got going on right now... homework, you ask??

Why, yes, homework (or better yet, fieldwork- I don't like the word homework, it sounds too much like school). Anyway, this all started at Art Unraveled, when through a sort of complicated course of events, I won a gift certificate. It was for four free sessions with Reva Solomon, who gave the keynote speech at AU this year- she's a writer and professional life coach based in Los Angeles. She works with all sorts of professional and creative people, has written plays, books, and has worked in television for many years.

I was hesitant about it at first, but we just had our fourth session, and I've gotten sooo much out of them!! I've been exploring how my creativity fits into all aspects of my life and personality, and am starting to work on what "direction" I want to go from here... do I want to teach classes? get published? sell at shows?? I have no firm ideas yet, but I'm okay with that- part of what I've realized is that a creative life isn't only about the results, but it's also about the journey you take to get there. And speaking of creative journeys, I started some journal pages last night that need some paint, I think... it's nice not having to worry about getting up tomorrow morning; I can work on them as late as I want!


Mare said...

Great Post! I had issues with the word artist personally too, and then one day i found myself skittering around the issue. Someone asked me what i do, and i started with the list...painter, knitter, crocheter, doll maker, jewelry maker...and they said OH! You're an artist! And it hit me~ YEP! That's me! I'd say you definitely are an artist! :)

Jackie said...

I used to have "issues" with that word too...and it IS what I do for my jo! What helped me was to move away from any comparison of myself with the famous dead guys/gals in museums (or the living ones in galleries) and to see that anyone who creates, arranges, makes,, anything is an artist. Let me say that again...if you make anything (cook, sew, garden,etc.) you are an artist!

I'd wager a guess that the word "artist" is attached to some sort of expectation you have of yourself if you would decide to assume that label. Get rid of the expectations and the labels and enjoy the creative process. That's what it's really about. The ultimate "creator" is God. When we create, we are the closest we can get to God-energy. It's a pretty cool thought.

crimsoncat05 said...

thanks, you guys! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has issues with the word... and I think it is expectations in MY head rather than external, because when I show other people my artwork or projects, they say the word "art" before I do.

I think "Being close to God-energy" is a really good way to describe what happens when I'm "in the zone" creating, and time passes without my even realizing it... I like that comparison a lot!!

Robyn said...

I also felt sheepish calling myself an artist but when people started introducing me as an artist I thought perhaps it was time. I'm still hesitant when filling in forms to put artist under occupation, even though I've been making a living from my art for years.As Jackie says we have to get over thinking only the famous are artists.