September 11, 2008

a link and a promise

this link: Hulaseventy talks about Through the Viewfinder photography, which looks pretty darn cool! I may have to look for a viewfinder camera, to try this myself, although we only have a small, automatic digital camera, it does have a pretty decent Macro setting. I flirted with wanting to do Polaroid manipulations, but it was a brief flirtation, because I was very late to the party and I found out while I was researching that Kodak was discontinuing Polaroid film... (too bad, because Polaroid manipulations are pretty cool.)

this promise: I have been doing some artwork (you can see some pics on my Flickr), and I got some amazing new art books (I stalked the Amazon package tracking website every day till they got here!!), and I will be back soon to post about all of it!


Mare said...

I can't wait to see what you have been up to! :)

Mexanese said...

Did I leave a comment thanks for putting this up? I have been looking for how they have been doing those photos AND luckily I have my grandfathers KODAK in my cabinet. I am going to try it out. probably when the baby is napping, so a lot of yard shots but try. Thanks a bunch.