May 04, 2008

it's spring- the lantanas are blooming!

it's spring- the lantanas are blooming! Originally uploaded by crimsoncat05

they started blooming in March, actually, but the plants have finally taken off and spread out quite a bit. I'm still not used to gardening in the desert, but I've realized you have to get the interest from different places- more textures and sculptural shapes, rather than a riot of greens and colors from flowers, like back in Illinois. Even though I will always miss my peonies, irises, and hollyhocks, I can still have patches of color, like this one stretch of color next to the driveway which always strikes a cheery note against the light colored gravel.


Mare said...

Your lantana are beautiful! I saw one of those plants made into a bonsai tree last Fall and fell in love with that idea. Your post just reminded me! Thanks!

[Charlene] said...

I have an ongoing love affair with lantana. The colors are amazing and the smell of some is intoxicating. I've just planted some in pots on my front porch. Welcome to desert gardening!

foxaz said...

Lantana! Such a durable, gorgeous, lasts all year flower! Mine comes back every year, even though we get frost up here in northwest AZ.
I have the purple ones & they are flourishing! Also have tthose pretty bearded Iris on my flickr page.
Glad to be your friend!

crimsoncat05 said...

yes, thankfully they do last thru the winter... it gets pretty cold here south of Phoenix, too. I miss bearded irises, though- lovely! thanks for visiting!

crimsoncat05 said...

Our lantana smell faintly of citrus when you brush against the foliage- it is quite refreshing! The tree idea is an interesting one... I'd like to see that!