April 23, 2008

some of my favorites made with paper, glue, and paint

some of my favorites made with paper, glue, and paint Originally uploaded by crimsoncat05

just a little Flickr fun- a mosaic made up of some of my favorites!! (Click on the photo and you will be taken to the Flickr page; then you can click on any one of the links for a closer look at any of the individual photos.)

Favorite kinds of art: ATCs, journal pages, inchies, mail art, collages...

Favorite things: birds, cats, butterflies, nature...

Favorite colors: soft blues, greens, reds, and pinks...

so, what more is there?? (well, lots, actually- I have over twenty pages of pictures marked as "Favorites" on Flickr, so far. There's so much to be inspired by! And I have been, actually; I have five or six things in progress in my craft room right now... well, I'm off to see if the paint is dry enough to continue!

(in other news: yesterday I had my second lesson in learning to drive a manual transmission... I'm managing quite well, I think, although driving 75 mph in 6 lanes of traffic on the interstate is still a ways off!)

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