March 09, 2008

spring has sprung in the desert...

okay, Blogger is being difficult today... I've tried to load pictures twice now, and it gave me an error, so I'll just point to my Flickr page, where I have added some new pics of the plants in our yard and other places, such as wildflowers growing along the highway north of town. We have a couple prickly pear cactus in our yard that were only one individual pad when we planted them- all winter, we've wondered if they would do anything. Our friend Mike, who gave them to us, said "just wait... they're like weeds, and you'll have to keep them in check by trimming them back, eventually." Well, he was right, I think- they're finally growing new pads (which are pretty funny-looking- see here and here), and it seems like they will be very prolific!

I also added a few newer pics of the pets- Sedona, Pandora, and Butters... and have actually done some work in my new journal... this page is not my usual style at all, but it captured the feeling that I wanted, so I'm pretty happy with it. The idea for the page style came from a new book, Journal Revolution. (bought it with a gift card from work, so that makes it even better!)

Next time, hopefully Blogger will cooperate and I can add the pics here... now, I'm off to make a mess in my craft room!

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