March 27, 2008

links and ramblings...

For inspiration, when I need some:

Mixed Media Monday weekly theme for interpretation by participants

The Land of Lost Luggage, blogger who posted a journaling tutorial (in five parts, total)

Illustration Friday weekly theme for interpretation by participants

Inspire Me Thursday another site with a weekly theme

Think Monday Think ATC yet another weekly theme site- but for ATCs (obviously)

Wednesday Stamper again, another weekly theme site using rubber stamps

Thrifty Collage Artist, another blog with a journaling tutorial

Suzi Blu, blog with video entries- tutorials and inspiration... her videos are also available on YouTube.

I mailed off my ATCs to their recipients today... now, I just need to finish the last six inchies for that swap; I already have the ideas for them, it's just a matter of following thru. I sometimes have a problem with that "follow-through" thing; I get partway through a project and then sort of "lose interest" and abandon it, never to finish it. I recently started reading the book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, where they discuss this very thing- it talks about this being a tactic of avoidance, used when people are perfectionists and they don't want the finished project to somehow end up to be a disappointment, not being as "perfect" as they want it. So, does that sound like me?? I think it sounds a lot like me... I am trying to work through some of the ideas in The Artist's Way, but it's difficult (it requires some self-reflection, which I am also good at avoiding), and the process is going pretty slow.

Anyway, this post is turning out to be a bit rambling, after all... the list of links is to remind me that whenever I'm lacking for inspiration, I am only a click away from plenty of inspiration and themes to use as starting points for my projects. I did go onto to mark my ATCs as "sent" and I found a couple new swaps to join, so I better get going, right?? Or maybe not, since I have a few weeks till they need to be finished... plenty of time...


Stephanie said...

Wonderful links to follow here! Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

Felicia said...

I'm sure I must have the Artist's way somewhere on my bookshelf. I'll have to look for it.