November 04, 2007

about the lights...

thanks, Jackie- I was a bit remiss in that last post, wasn't I?? Yes, we did get the light fixtures, too, in between running to the ATM machine to get cash to pay for the cats... we didn't have any checks with us, so had to get cash, and of course one of the three ATMs was being worked on, and there were at least four people in line at each of the other ones... Tom installed the light fixtures last night- new track lighting, in the kitchen- black, with much smaller can lights (halogen bulbs). It looks so much nicer and more contemporary than the "1970's look" can lights that were installed when the house was built.

Of course, we also came home with a scratching thingie, a litter box, new food and water bowls, a bag of kitten food, new cat litter... (pretty expensive lights, when you look at it that way- of course, the cats purr and play with string, so they're more multi-purpose than the lights!)

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