October 29, 2007

trick or treat

The "Trick" since it's close to Halloween, and all: okay, I have to warn you, the following picture is not a pretty one, especially for any arachnaphobes like myself out there, but rest assured, even though it looks alive in the picture, it is very dead. Tom found it in our garage Sunday morning, caught in one of the sticky traps our pest control guy set out last time he was here. (thank goodness for Raid!) I need to look it up on the web, to figure out what kind it is- that's the only reason for taking a picture of it. I don't think it's poisonous, just really yucky. We do have poisonous spiders in Arizona, the worst of which (I think) is the black widow, but luckily we haven't seen any of those (alive, anyway) since we've moved into the house. Now, on to the treat part of this post- last night, I finished a couple new ATCs for a swap-bot trade... this one was a new concept for me, and was a bit of a challenge. It was a "7+1" challenge, where you are required to include seven specific elements on the card, plus one more that you choose. I sent them off in today's mail, so I don't want to show the entire cards yet. For now it will just have to be sneak peeks: The seven items were: music notes, a flower, a postage stamp, something with wings, the sun or moon, a brad/eyelet/button, your user name, and one more thing of your choosing (I chose ribbon). Thanks for looking, and if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading past the icky spider picture!


Felicia said...

Eek! At least most of our spiders here in Georgia are not poisonous. I think there are a few dangerous ones but I try to forget about them!

crimsoncat05 said...

believe me, I try to forget about them here, too! The spiders back in Illinois weren't this big, that I can remember... the size of these spiders scares me more than anything else, I think.
(your spiders are much cuter!!)