December 01, 2006

Friday night craft-fest

More like afternoon, running into night... bookmarks and mini cards (3 x 3 in.) for an advertising swap with some other etsy sellers. These things will be free giveaways when they sell an item, so my shop will get additional exposure and advertising. I'll also be sent some things from other sellers, to include with my sales. That's the plan, anyway! The theory is, quick, lightweight things that will be easy to include in a package. I managed the lightweight part... nothing is ever quick when I'm designing something from scratch! Plus, somehow I managed to run out of glue stick, so I had to use white glue- needless to say, I'm going out tomorrow to buy more glue stick!! I like it- it sticks pretty well, and it's tons easier to use than "real" glue!
A detail from one of the mini cards- the butterfly was heat embossed, then cut out.

The two bookmark designs...

The two mini cards...

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