November 24, 2006

Turkey-day crafting

So, I needed something to do while the duck was roasting... in between basting and turning the duck, that is! I finished up three Christmas ornaments that I dreamed up last week. I love antique Christmas ornaments, and have quite a collection myself- I decided to make some Victorian style scrap ornaments. Finding real antiques like these is rare, and expensive, as they are delicate and weren't made to last for 100+ years!
They weren't difficult to do, just a bit time-consuming... the angels are clip art saved from the Dover website. I cut out the two below... the background above is edged with glitter; the backgrounds below were made with heat-embossed cardstock, to look like stars.

The ruffle was made using regular tissue paper, cut 1 inch wide. I (very carefully) sewed along the edge with a large needle and thread, then (also very carefully!) gathered it into a ruffle, which was glued onto the back side of the cardstock. The ruffle was then covered up with a backing piece of cardstock, and the whole thing was flattened under the unabridged dictionary to dry.

The angels were embellished a bit with metallic pens and glitter, and attached to the ornaments with 3-D foam tape. They are going up for sale in my etsy shop; we'll see if anyone likes them! I also just signed up for Paypal, to make it easier to buy from me... hopefully it's easy to figure out! (and hopefully I'll need to figure it out- LOL!)


Anonymous said...

nice ornaments, Jenn!

Lisa said...

Jennifer, these ornaments are beautiful! Very elegant! They have a real victorian feel about them that I just love. :)

Hey! Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog (My Little Ink Spot) the other day. :) Your kind words mean a lot! And as for the Hobby Lobby that they just opened up out here - it's in Avondale: the Loop 101 and Mc Dowell. Since I live out west, it's only a bit of a jaunt for me. I see you're out east, so I'm not sure which way would be the best way for you to get there, but I can pretty much say that it'd be worth it! OH MY... that place is HUGE!!! it's like Home Depot for crafters! LOL They have EVERYTHING. ;)

Anyhoo, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks again! :)