September 16, 2006

weekend stuff (scrap and stamp related)

This weekend was CKC Phoenix, the Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking convention. It was in downtown Phoenix, at the revamped convention center. I took a couple classes, and did some shopping.
Me with Becky Higgins! I took her sketch class- it was really good! I already know about using sketches for scrapping (and card-making!!), but it was a real treat to take the class from her personally. She was really nice about giving autographs, and taking pictures with people. She also gave a short presentation at the end about "why I scrap" to remind us it's not all about the cute stuff we can buy... I needed a tissue at the end of it, along with a lot of the other students!

a very poor picture (the camera was acting up!), but this is Becky teaching the class. We got sketches for two layouts, and all the cardstock, etc. to make them. We also got some free chocolate! (for energy! LOL!)

Friday and today was also the Bazzill Warehouse Sale, the second year the Bazzill company has done it. They sold "Bazzill by the Box" and some of their other stuff- idea books, boshers, buttons, mini albums, etc. I scored big! I stopped by on my way home from work yesterday, since I needed to get to the convention by 8 am this morning.

I ended up buying 7 packages of colored brads (it was buy 6, get one free so how could I not?), a couple sets of inks that coordinate with their paper, and two packages of die cuts. I'm going to stamp on the die cuts, I think... and look for colored brads on my cards and layouts soon!

Here is my Box-of-Bazzill... it was really hard to pick- there were two rows of shelves, almost taller than I could reach, with stacks of every color (I think, I'm not certain!) A box of 8.5 x 11 was $10, and a box of 12 x 12 was $15... (the boxes were about an inch deep, maybe?) You could get as much as you could fit into the box, as long as it closed! I didn't buy 12 x 12; I haven't been scrapping much lately, and I have a Cropper Hopper full of 12 x 12 already... I ended up with 125 (!!!) pieces of paper for my $10- that works out to only 8 cents per sheet!!! Quite a bargain, compared to the scrapbook store prices!

I also bought a couple things at the convention- a paint can desk organizer that will hold my most-often-used supplies (will take a pic when I have it set up) and two sets of Technique Tuesday acrylic stamps. There was a little excitement, too... someone tripped a fire alarm, and we had to evacuate the building! I was in line to buy my stamps, people were in the middle of classes, etc. Didn't matter, we had to leave. We all stood around across the street for about 10 minutes, till they told us we could go back in. Kind of ironic, but we went back in much faster than we left the building!


Sylvie said...

Hi Jennifer ! this is nice to see you :)) it seems you have bought some great supplies :)

Wife2TJ said...

Thats an awesome deal on the bazzill! Can't beat that plus you get to pick the colors. Have fun with all your new cardstock!

Rein said...

Wow, the colors are so wonderful,
have fun with your cardstock. :)